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About Sisi Reynolds


Hi, my name is Sisi Reynolds, and I’m 62 years old. I’m the widow of Charles Reynolds, a man who was always passionate about cats. 

After he passed away 3 years ago, it fell on me to take care of his indoor cats as well as all the stray cats in our neighborhood. Through trial and error (and a lot of research), I’ve become something of an expert on cat treats! 

In this blog post, I want to share my knowledge with you and help you find the best treats for your feline friends.

My husband, Charles, was a big cat lover. He would dedicate hours of his day to tending to our indoor cats and the stray cats around our neighborhood. He always had an endless supply of love and treats for them, and they adored him in return. 

Even when he passed away three years ago, his legacy of caring for cats lived on.

Since then, I have taken it as my mission to continue what Charles started. With time and lots of research, I have become a real expert on cat treats; I know which ones are good for different kinds of cats and how to keep them healthy with all-natural ingredients. 

I try my best to offer the same level of love and care that Charles did, maybe even more!

In addition to the cats we already had in our home, I’m now taking care of many stray cats too. I make sure they’re all well-fed, groomed, and given plenty of attention. Seeing how much joy these animals bring into everyone’s life – even mine- is truly rewarding.

I take pride in being able to carry out my husband’s legacy by providing these beautiful creatures with the best care possible. Being around these cats keeps me busy and young at heart!

With my tips, you can ensure that your cats get the quality nutrition they need while spoiling them with delicious treats. So let’s dive in! Stay tuned for some great cat treat advice from a true expert.

Thanks for reading!

Sisi Reynolds, The Cat Treat Expert.