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Cambodians are customarily a very catholic nation, and the majority of the population practices Buddhism. As a result, they frequently include monks in their bride rituals. Monks may bless the couple while chanting their blessings and drizzle plant ocean on them on this significant day in their lives. The few and guests are expected to remain silent and bow their heads during the festival.

All products given to the bride’s home by the groom ‘ family may be described by a standard Khmer singer. This is a way for the families to get to know one another and to announce the bride.

The bride’s family will then be treated to a variety of foods and beverages by the grooms ‘ families cambodia brides. They might take up to 60 plates of foods, depending on how wealthy the couple’s home is. These days, cash has taken the place of these foods as a marriage. Close friends and family will offer the newlyweds words of wisdom during this ceremony and want them joy, happiness, and success in the future.

The ceremony will end with a shower of palm flowers (pka sla ) covering the newlyweds. This represents the couple’s beginning of their new career up. This tradition used to involve basically cutting the wedding and groom’s mane. But these days, it’s merely a haircut that represents how they first became husband and wife. The bride and groom may next officially meet for the first time. Everyone will be waiting for this moment to arrive.

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