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You can find the best cat dental treats in a wide array of forms, such as special kibble, which is bigger than the regular, everyday chews, biscuits, and sticks. These treats come in handy to reduce tooth decay, plaque, tartar, and bad cat breath.

Cat dental treats may resemble regular cat treats, but they offer a crunch that’s crucial to your fluffy companion’s entire mouth, not just the palate.

And if the treats’ creative design can’t convince you to consider them, think about their nutritional benefits. The best cat dental treats contain calcium and vitamins to enhance the cat’s oral health and general well-being. The treats contain vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin D3, vitamin A, and biotin.

Here are our top-ranked products that your feline friend will love.

Quick Summary: 13 Best Cat Dental Treats


Product Best For
1. Greenies Feline Roasted Chicken Flavor Treat  Non-synthetic flavors
2. DentaLife Savory Salmon Treats Calcium-rich treat
3. DentaLife Chicken Flavor 1.8-oz Cat Treats Digestion
4. Earth Animal Pork Stix Cat Dental Treat Many ingredients 
5. Emerald Pet Feline Dental Tuna Cat Treat Crispy texture 
6. this&that Dehydrated Cat Treat Limited ingredients
7. Prime Taste Chicken Flavor Treats for Cats Natural treat
8. Catnip Flavor Cat Dental Treats Fish-shaped treat
9. Emerald Pet Feline Pumpkin and Catnip Flavor Dental Stixx Best fiber 
10. Team Treatz Chicken Flavor Cat Treats Tartar prevention
11. Tuna Flavor Cat Dental Treats from Prime Taste Treats Clean teeth 
12. DentaLife Chicken Flavor 19-oz Treats Porous texture 
13. Semi-Moist Roasted Chicken Cat Treats Soy-free treat 


Best Cat Dental Treats

1. Best for Non-Synthetic Flavors: Greenies Feline Roasted Chicken Flavor Treat 

Greenies Feline Roasted Chicken Flavor Treat is a tasty snack that helps remove plaque and tartar from your cat’s teeth, reduces the accumulation of tartar, and freshens their breath.

It also contains natural components in addition to other minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that have been added.

The treat is a tasty morsel for an adult cat that fulfills all its nutritional requirements. Neither the flavors nor the preservatives used in their production are synthetic. 

There are less than two calories in each treat.

2. Best for Calcium-Rich Cat Treat: DentaLife Savory Salmon Treats

DentaLife Savory Salmon Treats have undergone scientific testing to ensure that they are safe and effective in preventing tartar buildup.

Kitties adore the delicious flavor of the salmon, as well as the crunchiness of the treat, which encourages joyful nibbling.

These tasty treats for cats are made without using any artificial flavors or colors, and they combine healthful natural ingredients with additional vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Each healthy cat treat for teeth is rich with additional calcium, taurine, and probiotics for cats to support the digestive health of your furry pet.

Thanks to the pouch’s resealable design, you can easily store and transport these cat treats to bring them along on all of life’s travels and excursions.

3. Best for Digestion: DentaLife Chicken Flavor 1.8-oz Cat Treats

This treat comes with a porous texture that helps minimize the building of tartar. However, it does not include any artificial tastes or colors. They are full of natural, healthy ingredients and additional vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

These cat treats have extra calcium and taurine and add probiotics for your cat, which will help maintain her digestive health.

They come in a resealable bag and are loaded with the delicious chicken flavor cats like. It also has a crunchy consistency that entices your cat to take a nibble.

4. Best for Many Ingredients: Earth Animal Pork Stix Cat Dental Treat

Earth Animal Pork Stix Cat Dental Treat is made with seven ingredients. It does not contain  chemicals, rawhide, additives, formaldehyde, or bleaches. It provides prolonged entertainment while enhancing healthy teeth and gums.

Made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, this product is dedicated to enhancing and preserving the quality of life for animals, people, and the planet.

5. Best for a Crispy Texture: Emerald Pet Feline Dental Tuna Cat Treat

These all-natural dental snacks come from playful fish and have the delightfully delicious flavor of genuine tuna. They are also crispy in texture.

Large-sized treats stimulate chewing, which provides the greatest possible cleaning impact by scraping away plaque and tartar as the dog crunches on them.

This wholesome recipe does not include soy, grains, gluten, or dairy products, making it an excellent option for cats suffering from dietary sensitivities or allergies.

Each tasty treat has less than two calories, making you feel good about giving your four-legged pal one of these satisfying morsels.

Proudly created in the United States of America using ingredients without artificial colors, flavoring, or preservatives.

6. Best for Limited Ingredients: this&that Dehydrated Cat Treat

this&that Dehydrated Cat Treat is made with just a single simple component. It is produced from the skins of cold water haddock supplied sustainably from Nova Scotia. Also, it contains high quantities of omega fatty acids. 

It also offers dental advantages to pets when they chew. Moreover, it is not meant for cats alone; your dog will also benefit from it!

7. Best Natural Treat: Prime Taste Chicken Flavor Treats for Cats

Chewing helps reduce tartar, and the all-natural, non-harmful substances make their breath fresher. It also features the succulent flavor of the chicken.

This treat is designed to treat even the pickiest of feline companions. It also aids in the removal of tartar from your cat’s teeth as a natural by-product of chewing.

8. Best Fish-Shaped Treat: Catnip Flavor Cat Dental Treats

Each fish-shaped treat is created with catnip to pique your cat’s interest and has just two calories, making it the ideal low-calorie snack. Catnip is known to stimulate your cat’s appetite.

Moreover, the treat is crafted with a crunchy texture that helps remove tartar and plaque to promote clean teeth and fresh breath. 

The treats are free from grain, soy-free, dairy, and gluten, making them ideal for cats who have sensitivity to specific ingredients.

It is proudly created and sourced using products from the United States of America and without any artificial components. 

It also has all-natural snacks prepared with no additional salt, sugar, or sweeteners since your cat is already sweet enough! 

Lastly, this treat is not made with any artificial ingredients.

9. Best for Fiber: Emerald Pet Feline Pumpkin and Catnip Flavor Dental Stixx

It is produced in the United States of America using natural ingredients. Also, it does not contain any artificial additives, colors, or flavors.

It is free of grains, gluten, dairy, and soy. This treat contains pumpkin, a rich fiber source, and promotes digestive health.

While your cat chews it, it helps remove plaque and tartar from their teeth.

10. Best for Tartar Prevention: Team Treatz Chicken Flavor Cat Treats

This treat’s formulation is protected by a patent. It also assists in preventing tartar buildup.

Veterinary offices were the only places where you could get these treats in the past, but now you can get them more readily for your cat. Currently, veterinary offices highly recommend this product for cats.

Lastly, it is produced by a business that is both minority and women-owned and certified.

11. Best for Clean Teeth: Tuna Flavor Cat Dental Treats from Prime Taste Treats

The delectable flavor of tuna in a nutritious treat is helpful for your cat’s dental health. As your cat munches on these treats, the typical chewing movement helps eliminate tartar, keeping her teeth healthy and clean.

Made with healthy, natural ingredients and formulated with your feline friend in mind. The tuna flavor will have your cat pleading for more.

Lastly, it is made with pride in the United States of America by a team that seriously considers issues of both quality and nutrition.

12. Best for Porous Texture: DentaLife Chicken Flavor 19-oz Treats

DentaLife offers daily dental treats for the whole family. The DentaLife Chicken Flavor 19-oz Treats have been scientifically studied and proven to minimize the amount of tartar buildup in cats. 

Your cat will enjoy its porous texture. Along with additional calcium and taurine, these cat snacks also feature extra probiotics for cats to promote digestive health. 

DentaLife cat treats are rich in nutritious, natural ingredients, added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and have no artificial flavors or colors.

These dental cat snacks come in a pouch that can be closed and full of the delicious chicken flavor that cats like. Additionally, their crunchy texture encourages your cat to chew on them.

13. Best Soy-Free Cat Dental Treat: Semi-Moist Roasted Chicken Cat Treats

The wholesome treat is made with chicken and wheatgrass for a nutritious and delicious reward for your kitty. It contains no by-products, soy, corn, wheat gluten, or artificial colors or flavors. 

Furthermore, it features real chicken as the first ingredient with added fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. 

Lastly, it provides your furry friend with a nutrient-rich source of essential vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals.

Final Word

A combination of hereditary factors supports your cat’s dental health. These include the nutrition she consumes and her level of oral cleanliness. 

A healthy diet and regular dental cleaning with a high-quality toothbrush and paste should come before rewarding your cat with goodies. 

After establishing a routine for oral hygiene, you can use dental treats in between brushings to aid in the battle against the accumulation of tartar and plaque.

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