Best Cat Treats to Supplement Your Feline Friend’s Diet

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With so many cat treats brands on the market, you may have difficulties deciding on the best cat treat to keep your cat healthy.


Cat treats have different uses, from bonding, improving dental health, relaxing your cat, and hiding pills, and some are for general use. 


Check the number of calories in a treat before purchasing to avoid affecting the cat’s weight and nutrition. Additionally, some treats have ingredients that your cat won’t tolerate, while others are hypoallergenic.


Stick on as we find some of the best cat treats.

Quick Summary: The Best Cat Treats 

Product name Best for
1. Hartz’s Delectable Stew Treats Moisture-rich
2. Inaba Churu Grain-Free Chicken Treats Cats in all stages
3. Greenies Pill Pocket Cat Treats Pill pockets 
4. Hartz Delectable Squeeze Up Cat Treats Squeeze up 
5. Friskies Lil’ Soup with Salmon Real salmon
6. Blue Buffalo Chicken and Turkey Cat Treat Budget 
7. Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Appetizing
8. Orijen Original Grain-Free Cat Treat Freeze-dried 
9. Temptation Classic Cat Treat Tartar control
10. Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Cat Treat Digestion 


Best Cat Treats – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Best Moisture-Rich: Hartz’s Delectable Stew Treats

If you have many cats in your house, the packet of 12 lickable cat treats from Hartz will help you save on the cost.


The 1.4-ounce cat treats are what cats love most, and they will clean the bowl with licks. It is made of succulent fish or tender chicken and a hearty sauce that will leave even the pickiest cat yearning for more treats.


The wet texture entangles each piece of meat with the soup, and the cat won’t leave any piece untouched. It also comes with greater hydration benefits than dry treats.


Your senior cat’s nutrition is well taken care of by the grain-free treat with no preservatives or by-products and added vitamins for your elder cats. There are more textures and more flavors in this brand.


2. Best for Cats in All Stages: Inaba Churu Grain-Free Chicken Treats

You can trust the Churu cat treats for wholesome ingredients that make the treats very yummy. Inaba incorporates human-grade ingredients like chicken and wild-caught tuna.


The treats are calories-free and keep your cat hydrated. Every tube has 91% moisture with a tenth of calories, making it a healthy snack for your feline friend.


Inaba keeps off every bad stuff such as preservatives, grains, and artificial colors that will affect the little one’s health. They add Taurine to build on the cat’s health.


You can feed your cat on your hands as you interact with your cat. The lickable tubes are designed to feed by hand, but you can use the wet food topper.


3. Best with Pill Pockets: Greenies Pill Pocket Cat Treats

These cat treats are very helpful, especially when your feline friend is on medication. The pockets allow you to insert pills for a hassle-free medicine time. It’s easy, but put the pills in the pocket and pinch it closed until the pill disappears into the treat.


The cheese and delicious tuna flavor make the medicine taste go unnoticed in the cat’s mouth. Your vet will probably recommend this treat for your adult cat.


Additionally, the natural ingredients and minerals in this treat are nutritious to your pet, and you won’t have worries giving the treat. There are no flavors or artificial flavors in these treats.


The treat also keeps your cat’s oral health top-notch. The fine blend formula is free from calories and supports smooth and healthy digestion.


4. Best Squeeze Up: Hartz Delectable Squeeze Up Cat Treats

The Hartz brand invests so much to provide every cat with her favorite treat. This pack of squeeze-up treats has 48 tubes in the reusable tub.


You will enjoy an interactive session feeding your feline friend with this treat. The thick creamy puree in each tube is made from farm-raised poultry and fish. 


You can also squeeze the treat in a bowl or use it as a food topper to entice your cat into feeding. You will find six irresistible textures in these treats, and you can’t get enough of the flavors.


The squeeze-up treat is made for older cats and has vitamins E and B to boost their health. Make sure you squeeze all the 0.5-ounce tubes in the cat’s mouth for a fun session.


5. Best Real Salmon: Friskies Lil’ Soup with Salmon

If you need a cat treat that will provide your feline friend with real salmon, this pack from Purina will sort you well.


Salmon is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids that keep your cat’s coat and skin healthy and boost the immune system. It’s also a source of potassium and vitamin B.


Friskies incorporate high-quality ingredients while making this treat, and your cat will love every bite of this treat, making it a very good supplement to their balanced diet. The broth has a whisker-licking flavor.


The package is easy to peel off, and you won’t mess up the whole area with the broth. Peel the top for effortless serving and put the supplement in the dog’s food or serve it as a snack.


6. Best Budget: Blue Buffalo Chicken and Turkey Cat Treat

Cats love poultry, and getting this treat with real chicken and turkey will make them feel better. The calorie content in this treat is 1.5, and it’s good for cats of all ages.


The real soft meat makes the treat irresistible, plus Blue Buffalo provides your cat’s favorite flavor. The crunchy feel satisfies your cat’s wild nature too.


This treat has no chicken or poultry by-products; neither is it improvised with corn or wheat flavors. The treat doesn’t have artificial preservatives or colors that can bring sensitivity or allergy to your feline friend.


Additionally, the treat has vitamins and minerals that improve your feline friend’s health and boost the goodness in every bite. Use the treat for intermittent and supplemental feeding only.


7. Best Appetizing: Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks

These salmon-flavored stick cat treats are appetizing to your cat. Your cat will love that the sticks are made from real meat. 


The pack has five sticks that will serve you for a while, and each stick is wrapped individually to preserve freshness.


The treats work well for adult cats, and there are a few calories. It’s free from corn, wheat, and grains that may cause bloating.


The treat helps strengthen your feline friend’s lean muscles since it’s an excellent source of lean protein. Other nutrients include Animal plasma, Glycine, Pork, Liver, and rosemary extract.


One stick should feed one cat; you can break it into smaller pieces to keep your cat busy. Also, bring some water near the cat when feeding on the treat.


8. Best Freeze-Dried: Orijen Original Grain-Free Cat Treat

Orijen cat treats are crafted with 100% raw fish and poultry ingredients frozen in their fresh state. It’s a good treat to improve the everyday health of your feline friend.


Its high protein content from free-run poultry and wild-caught fish makes your cat yearn for the delicious reward. The natural preservatives keep the treats natural.


Orijen gets its ingredients from people they know and trust for the quality delivery of products. You can also give some treats to your dog.


With only one calorie per feed, you won’t have to worry about weight issues in your cat while feeding them. There are no artificial colors in this treat made from USA ingredients.


This food is frozen in small batches maintaining its delicious taste. We have organs such as liver and gizzard as ingredients in this treat, making it more nutritional.


9. Best for Tartar Control: Temptation Classic Cat Treat


The tuna flavor in these treats will leave your cat yearning for more. The nutrients in this treat will satisfy your adult cats.


With its low-calorie levels, you can give your cat a treat daily without worrying about too much weight gain or other health issues brought by calories. 


The treat has a crunchy outside and a creamy and soft inside. The crunchy outsides help in controlling tartar formation.


The treat has taurine, an amino acid that helps keep the cat healthy, plus other vitamins that boost this health. Provide fresh drinking water to your cat after feeding the cat with this treat.


The resealable top helps keep your cat away from the treats when you are not available to supervise the intake.


Best in Digestion: Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Cat Treat

If you need a treat that will improve the digestion of your little kitty, the Instinct cat treats will serve the purpose. You can give it to the cat as a snack or as a topper to the cat’s food.


The chicken in this topper makes it rich in protein, plus pumpkin, apple cider vinegar, and sweet potato aid in improving digestion. These ingredients are dried when raw to preserve the nutrients.


There are no artificial preservatives in this treat; keeping your cat from allergies, they are no grains or wheat.


Your picky eater will love everything about this treat, yearning for more, and gets excited during mealtime.

Final Thoughts

With the above review, I hope you settle for a treat that will please your feline friend. When choosing the best treats for your cats, you must pay attention to the ingredients. Treat shouldn’t replace your cat’s daily diet. If you are stuck, you can ask your vet for a recommendation.

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