5 Best Cat Foods for Weight Loss (To Help Lose Excess Fats)

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While you might hit the gym or go on a diet, what happens to cats when they gain weight? As a cat parent, it’s up to you to help your feline friend get back to their standard size by getting the best cat food for weight loss. 

Your cat deserves to live a healthy and happy life. Being overweight can expose your cat to health problems like heart disease. Your cat needs your help to lose weight, and the most effective way is to change its diet. 

Below is a review of cat foods for weight loss. 

Quick Glance: Best Cat Foods for Weight Loss

Cat Food Best Feature
1. Halo Holistic Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food Grain-free
2. Purina Pro Plan Focus Canned Cat Food Natural food
3. Instincts Row Boosts Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food Freeze-dried
4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food Dry food
5. Chicken Soup for the Soul Canned Cat Food Low-calorie


Best Cat Food for Weight Loss – Our 5 Best Picks

1. Best Grain-free: Halo Holistic Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food

If your feline friend is on a journey to lose that extra pound, the Halo Holistic healthy weight dry cat food is the best cat food for weight loss. Made with natural and whole salmon and whitefish, this food ensures your cat feeds on quality food while losing weight.

This food has low-fat levels as it is manufactured for indoor cats to help them maintain a healthy weight. The food is also high in proteins to help maintain the strong muscles needed to burn calories.

Furthermore, the food has a natural taste for your can to enjoy as it burns fat. It also contains probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics for healthy digestion and boosting the immune system.

2. Best Natural Food: Purina Pro Plan Focus Canned Cat Food

Purina pro plan focus on canned cat food crafted with natural turkey and contains plenty of proteins to boost strong muscles during weight loss. Plus, this cat food for weight loss has low fats to ensure your cat does gain more weight.

This turkey and rice Entree cat food has moist and tender morsels plus a natural taste so your cat can enjoy it. The food is fortified with antioxidants to boost your cat’s immune system, plus taurine and vitamin A, which help improve your cat’s vision.

This weight-loss food for cats has complete and balanced nutrition with 25 essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to give your cat the nutrients it needs while losing weight.

3. Best Freeze-dried: Instinct Raw Boosts Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food

Help your cat to lose weight with Instinct raw boosts healthy weight dry cat food. This food is made with raw, freeze-dried chicken as the first ingredient to provide animal protein to help maintain the lean and strong muscles that your cat requires while burning calories.

The food is dried to lock in the natural taste of real chicken, so your cat enjoys a yummy meal. Luckily, the food is low in fats and calories hence suitable for weight loss. The food has healthy fibers to keep your cat full for longer and prevent overeating.

Furthermore, the food contains L-carnitine that helps to burn excess fats, plus the live and natural prebiotics help in the digestive system. 

4. Best  Dry Food: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

Hill’s science diet dry cat food is made with natural and high-quality ingredients, with real chicken as the main ingredient. The chicken recipe provides animal protein to boost strong muscles for fat burning and support healthy weight loss.

The food does not have flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives; thus, your cat will enjoy the real taste and aroma of this food. In addition, the food is fortified with antioxidants and vitamins, which will help boost the immune system of your feline friend.

This weight management food is packed with fewer fats and calories to help manage the weight of your feline friend. 

5. Best Low-calorie: Chicken Soup for the Soul Canned Cat Food

If your cat is a fan of real chicken blended with duck, turkey, and salmon, this is the best food to help them lose weight. This canned food has plenty of protein from poultry sources to maintain lean muscles for fat burning.

The food contains antioxidant taurine that maintains healthy vision and hearing, and DHA helps with brain development. Additionally, the food has low calories to help your furry friend lose weight. 

Luckily, the food is not packed with wheat, soy, or corn, ensuring your cat feeds on healthy, low-calorie food while burning excess fats.

Final Words

Cat obesity can hurt their health and lifespan. So, if your cat is overweight, it’s time to take action and help them get back to its optimal weight. With the above five best cat foods for weight loss, you are guaranteed your feline friend will live a healthy and fit life.

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