10 Best Homemade Cat Treats With High-Quality, Fresh Nutrients

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Homemade cat treats are a perfect way to pamper and show affection to your cat.

By cooking up small delicacies of fish, chicken, liver, or eggs for your cat, you can know what your cat is snacking on.


What’s more? You can make organic cat treats for your cat by buying fish, eggs, and meat that’s certified organic. Always remember that treats should be a small part of your kitty’s daily overall diet.


If you’re looking for recipes you can use for your homemade cat treats, worry no more. We’ll take you through some of the best cat treats with various ingredients you can source from your local store.


Let’s explore!

Summary: Best Homemade Cat Treats


Homemade Treat Best for
1. Fruitables Cat Treats Fibre Content
2. Emerald Pet Digestive Tuna Recipe Cat Treats Digestion
3. From the Field Catnip Bud Cat Treats Playtime
4. Fancy Feast Salmon Cat Treats Low Fat
5. Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats Gluten-Free
6. Tiki Cat Soft. Chewy Cat Treats Soft Texture
7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats Allergies
8. PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats Overweight
9. Wellness Kittles Salmon Cat Treat Lean Protein
10. Bench & Field Natural Cat Treats Healthy Brain, and Heart


Best Homemade Cat Treats – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Best for Fibre Content: Fruitables Cat Treats

If you want to treat your kitty to a homemade treat full of fiber? Fruitables tuna and pumpkin treat is a perfect choice.


The main ingredients in this best homemade cat treat are real tuna, pea fiber, flaxseed, and pumpkin. They’re rich in nutrients and fiber content your kitty will love.


Each piece of the cat treat is less than two calories, so you don’t have to worry about giving more pieces to your cat.


The Fruitables treat doesn’t contain wheat, corn, artificial flavors, or colors. The crunchy treat only contains natural ingredients that boost your cat’s overall health and well-being. Besides, the crunchy texture of the treats cleans your kitty’s teeth and maintains fresh breath while chewing.

2. Best for Digestion: Emerald Pet Digestive Tuna Recipe Cat Treats

Does your kitty have gastrointestinal problems or a ‘delicate tummy’? Emerald pet’s crunchy tuna cat treats are your perfect choice.


Emerald Pet treats are made with real tuna, without the fish or chicken meal.

It’s also packed with turmeric and ginger root to help in digestion.


The main ingredients are tuna, natural fish flavor, sweet potato, pea protein, chickpeas, fish oil, tapioca starch, turmeric, ginger root, and natural preservative. No artificial colors or preservatives are added.


The 3,855 kcals/kg treat is best for digestion due to its crude fiber content and only natural ingredients. The treat is made free of gluten, grains, dairy, and soy for sensitive cats. Your cat will enjoy as many treats as they want without worrying about digestion problems.

3. Best for Playtime: From the Field Catnip Bud Cat Treats

The treat contains natural, organic catnip buds. They have a strong aroma to keep your kitty glued to them. They don’t contain herbicides or pesticides as they are organically grown and hand-picked during harvesting.


The catnip buds are grown and hand-picked in the USA. They’re harvested at the peak of potency, so freshness is guaranteed. They’re perfect for filling cat toys. Simply cut the buds off the stems and sprinkle them on the floor.


The buds, picked from the nepeta cataria catnip plant, are full of euphoria-inducing essential oils that’ll drive your kitty wild.  

They’re packed in airtight resealable plastic bags, so they get to you fresh. 

4. Best for Low Fat: Fancy Feast Salmon Cat Treats

Fancy Feast’s hand-selected salmon cat treat is 100% natural and perfectly cooked.

The salmon is an easy-to-give treat, snack, or meal topper for your picky eater.


Salmon is high in protein and low in fat, which is its best health feature. It’s suitable as both an indoor and outdoor treat for your kitty. The cooked salmon is free of fillers or by-products, making it healthy for sensitive kitties.


The 1,241 kcal/kg treat has an irresistible aroma and flavor your cat will love. The finely ground grain-free pates give the treat a variety of textures to make your kitty’s meal special.


Fancy Feast salmon comes in perfectly cut portions shaped in fillet-like morsels for easy serving and packaged in pouches to keep it for long. You only need to tear it open and watch your cat enjoy this perfect treat.

5. Best for Gluten-Free: Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Orijen treat is made of raw poultry and fish. The fish and chicken are cut into small pieces and freeze-dried while fresh to preserve their flavor and nutrients.


The ingredients in the treat are turkey, chicken, chicken heart, turkey liver, turkey gizzard, chicken gizzard, and natural preservatives. The ingredients are freeze-dried in small portions to make them delicious and nutritious.


The wholesome treat contains a calorie per piece, so you don’t have to worry about how much you give to your kitty. The treat is gluten-free, high protein, low fat, and grain-free. Awesome, right?

6. Best for Soft Texture: Tiki Cat Soft and Chewy Cat Treats

Tiki Cat treat is made of chicken as the main ingredient. It’s a low-Carolie snack free of artificial flavors and colors. 


The treat has a soft and chewy texture making it suitable for cats of any size or breed. Even your cat with missing teeth can devour this soft chicken treat.


The ingredients in the Tiki Cat chicken treat are; chickpea flour, chicken, potato flour, vegetable, glycerin, natural flavor, gelatin, rosemary, and natural preservatives. 


The 2-oz crunchy treat is soft and easy to chew, making it a perfect choice for young cats, those with missing teeth, and elderly ones too. Perfect, right?

Give your cat a grain-free chicken treat to supplement their daily cat meal.

7. Best for Allergies: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats


The ingredients for the Blue buffalo chicken treat are; deboned chicken, potato starch, chicken meal, chicken fat, brewers dried yeast, vitamins, minerals, rosemary oil, and natural preservatives.


The crunchy chicken cat treats are made free of grain, wheat, soy, corn, or artificial preservatives, color, or flavor. It’s a perfect treat for kitties with allergies. The crunchy texture helps clean your cat’s teeth and freshen their breath while chewing.


The lynx inspire the 3,800 kcal/kg chicken treat, a wild carnivore who survives on meat and s rich in protein. They’re made from natural ingredients.


The holistic doesn’t contain anything that’s not good or nutritious for your cat. You can feed your adult cat to supplement her feeding.

8. Best for Overweight: PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats

Human-grade chicken breast is the only ingredient in PureBites Chicken cat treat. They’re of soft texture, fresh, and full of aroma. The chicken breasts are freeze-dried to remove water and preserve nutrition.

The freeze-dried raw treat is perfect for your cats if they struggle with diabetes, heavyweight, gastrointestinal disorders, and allergies. Each treat is rich in protein and has two carolies, so they’re easy to digest and perfect for your kitty if she needs to shed some weight.


They’re free of artificial preservatives and other additives which can harm your kitty. You don’t have to be worried about how much your cat takes since the treat’s content support healthy feeding.

9. Best for Lean Protein: Wellness Kittles Salmon Cat Treat

Looking for a well-balanced, healthy treat for your kitty? Wellness Kittles salmon and cranberries recipe will save you the day.


The main ingredient for this treat is salmon. Seafood is a good source of lean protein and fatty acids. The other ingredients are cranberries, blueberries, chicken meal, potatoes, herring meal, ground flaxseed, chickpeas, peas, salmon oil, rosemary, green tea and spearmint extracts, and natural flavor.


Cranberries are rich in vitamin C. They are a natural source of tannins to help curb bacteria that can thrive in your cat’s urinary tract. Blueberries are rich in vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, and carotenoids, good antioxidants. 


Salmon oil’s omega-3 fatty acids are perfect for your kitty’s healthy skin.

The treat is crunchy to help clean your kitty’s teeth. It has no artificial ingredients and is less than two calories per treat.

10. Best for Healthy Brain and Heart: Bench & Field Natural Cat Treats

If you’d love a treat perfect for your cats of all ages, Bench & Field cat treats fit that description and more.


Flaxseeds help to rejuvenate your cat’s skin and coat. They are fortified with essential minerals and vitamins. With anchovy and sardine as their main ingredients, they’re wholesome and enriched with fatty acids, flaxseed, and omega-3.


The crunchy fish-shaped treats contain probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes for your kitty’s gut health. They also contain L-carnitine for your cat’s healthy heart and DHA for normal brain function. Need more?


The treat doesn’t contain wheat, soy, corn, or gluten, making it a good daily supplement for your cat’s meal.

Final Word

Homemade cat treats need not be boring. Treats need to be wholesome and healthy as the ones you buy from vet stores.


We’ve reviewed some of the best cats treats with locally available ingredients for you to make at home. When making homemade treats for your kitty, always make them tasty. 


Remember, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your cat.

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