5 Best Raw Cat Foods In 2023

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We know that fresh foods are almost always healthier than processed or preserved foods, despite how delicious they may be. In actuality, many pet owners prefer to feed their animals fresh, wholesome foods and ingredients rather than standard processed diets.

The move away from conventional, heavily processed canine food has given cats a wide range of exciting, unique meal options. One such section that is expanding is raw cat food, and cats, in particular, love it!

Here are my 5 best raw cat foods of 2023.

Summary: 5 Best Raw Cat Foods of 2023

Raw Cat Food Best Feature
1. Wysong Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Cat Food Encouraging digestion
2. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Chicken Mini Nibs Not needing defrosting
3. Stella Absolutely Rabbit Dinner Morsels Protein content
4. Marie Magical Dinner Dust from Stella & Chewy Supplementary food: 
5. Lamb and Chicken from Feline Natural Old cats

5 Affordable Raw Cat Food of 2023

1. Best for Encouraging Digestion: Wysong Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Cat Food

It is useless if your cat cannot digest the food you are giving him.

Feeding your cat this Wysong Archetype Raw Chicken Formula is a great idea to help with his nutrition and digestion.

In addition to being primarily composed of chicken, chicken organs, and chicken bones—all of which are very species-appropriate—it also contains a variety of nutraceuticals, vitamins, and micronutrients that support different aspects of your cat’s health.

Prebiotics and probiotics are included in this formula’s list of helpful additives to help your cat’s digestive health. Furthermore, this recipe is generally simple to digest due to its short list of primary ingredients.

2. Best for Not Needing Defrosting: Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Chicken Mini Nibs

Consider choosing Vital Essentials Mini Nibs if you need raw cat food to fill your cat’s bowl and serve immediately without defrosting or rehydrating.

These are tiny portions of frozen-dried food that are given as kibble. This food provides your cat with the species-appropriate, meat-derived nutrition they require and is made primarily from chicken heart, chicken muscle meat gizzards, and egg. 

Foods from Vital Essentials are some of the few raw ingredients that primarily rely on the nutritional content of organs, bones, and muscle meat with only a small amount of supplementation. This food also includes raw goat’s milk and herring oil.

3. Best for Protein Content: Stella Absolutely Rabbit Dinner Morsels

What kind of raw protein is best for cats? With Stella & Chewy Rabbit Dinner Morsels, you can always go right. This cat’s favorite dish provides your best friend’s bowl with unmatched high protein without using cereals or preservatives that kitties can’t digest.

Stella & Chewy’s is all-natural, minimally processed, and contains added taurine to support healthy skin and silky-soft fur. Give your cat what they want and cut out the extra carbohydrates!

This recipe for the best raw cat food focuses on the rabbit’s meat, bones, and organs. The formula also includes prebiotics and probiotics to maintain the health of your cat’s digestive system and immune systems.

4. Best as Supplementary Food: Marie Magical Dinner Dust from Stella & Chewy

If you have a picky cat, I can assure you it won’t refuse Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust. Its primary ingredient includes turkey meat, liver, and the fish salmon, duck, and duck.

You can add a dash of raw nutrition to your pet’s food with this delectable cage-free chicken freeze-dried topping. Including raw food in its diet can help your cat’s digestion, appetite, and other health-related issues.

Because it is free of grains and does not contain peas, which are frequently used as a less expensive option to grain, you can use this recipe on its own or as a dry food topping to increase the nutrition and taste of your cat’s preferred kibble.

5. Best for Old Cats: Lamb and Chicken from Feline Natural

Giving your cat high-quality nutrition is crucial, especially as it ages. This Feline Natural product is the best raw cat food for older cats.

There are no real bones in this recipe. This aids in maintaining its mineral balance, making it a kidney-friendly substitute for foods that are more bony and high in phosphorus.

This food also respects the needs of senior cats by having a high proportion of easily digestible lamb organs, chicken muscle meat, blood, and heart. Additionally, because each ingredient is highly bioavailable, your cat receives more nourishment with less processing.

Last but not least, the diet includes New Zealand green mussel, a producer of omega-3 fatty acids that may aid in reducing inflammation brought on by conditions like arthritis and many other inflammatory diseases.

Final Thought

Raw cat food is an excellent diet for a cat’s health and happiness. It is freshly frozen ingredients are straightforward and easily recognized, and processing is minimal.

Please feel free to use this review as a resource as you buy raw food for your pet.


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