10 Vet-Approved Cat Treats With Mouth-Watering Flavors

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Vet-approved cat treats are delicious bites you give to your cat as a reward to encourage good behavior, exercise, cat training, and entertainment. While cat treats supplement your cat’s normal food, choosing ones with health benefits for your kitty is important.


Cat treats include catnip, cooked fish or meat, cat milk, and biscuit bites. Your cat’s daily calorie intake should not exceed ten percent. Excessive intake of treats can cause your cat to experience digestive complications, vomiting, constipation, skin reactions, and foaming at the mouth.


So many treats are available at stores for your cat, but we’ve reviewed some of the best vet-approved you can offer your cat.


Let’s get started.

Quick Summary: Best 10 Vet-Approved Cat Treats


Cat Treat Best for
1. Temptations Chicken Cat Treats Overall Health. Well-being
2. Greenies Oven Roasted Chicken Cat Treats Dental
3. Friskies Party Mix Crunch Cat Treats Sea-food Lovers
4. Hartz Delectables Lickable Cat Treats Picky-eater
5. Inaba Churu Variety Pack Cat Treat Hydration
6. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat Treats Urinary Tract
7.  Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Cat Treats Allergies
8. Hill’s Prescription Diet Crunchy Cat Treats Cat Skin. Coat
9. Tiny Tiger Tender  Sticks Cat Treats Extra Chewy Cats
10. PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats Weight Control


Vet Approved Cat Treats – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Best for Overall Health and Well-Being: Temptations Chicken Cat Treats

Temptations chicken flavor cat treats have a variety of textures, crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy inside. The treats contain vitamins and taurine amino acids to boost your cat’s overall well-being.


That’s not all; the 16 oz chicken-flavored temptation treats are 3939 kcal/kg and 100% nutritionally complete; therefore, they are healthy for your adult cat without causing health complications.


The ingredients include chicken by-product meal, animal fat, ground con, wheat flour, brewer’s rice, dried yeast, natural flavors, vitamins, and minerals.


If you’re looking for a healthy treat for your cat, temptation’s pocket-shaped chicken flavor treat would be the best reward. Shake the tub to capture your kitty’s attention and see how excited she’ll be to receive the reward. 


Other flavors available are creamy dairy, tempting tuna, and savory salmon. Temptations cat treats. Temptation cat dental treats are vet recommended. 

2. Best for Dental: Greenies Oven Roasted Chicken Cat Treats

Looking for a  treat with no preservatives and artificial flavors for your cat? Greenies Oven-roasted chicken flavor treats offer exactly that and so much more.


The oven-roasted treats are made of natural ingredients, including chicken meal, brewers rice, and ground wheat. Your cat can have more pieces without experiencing digestive problems. They’re added with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients for good health and well-being.


Each piece of the treat is nutritionally complete and contains less than two calories each. They’re crunchy treats that help your cat’s dental hygiene and fresh breath and reduce tartar buildup. 


Tempting tuna, catnip, and savory salmon are other flavors available for Greenies’ cat treats.  


3. Best for Sea-Food Lovers: Friskies Party Mix Crunch Cat Treats

Does your cat love seafood? Friskies party mix crunch beachside cat treat’s main ingredient is  real ocean whitefish. 


Other ingredients in the Friskies treat are chicken meal, chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, animal fat, corn gluten meal, pea starch, animal liver flavor, cassava root flour, and natural and artificial flavors. 


The treat comes in tuna, crab, and shrimp flavors on every bite. The 4,002 kcal/kg calorific,fun-shaped treats are designed for adult cats.


The Friskies treat’s crunchy texture helps remove your cat’s tartar and plaque to keep them clean and with fresh breath.


You’ll see the excitement in your kitty every time you feed them the treats.

4. Best for Picky-Eater: Hartz Delectables Lickable Cat Treats

Hartz lickable cat treats are in the form of a thick puree, in mouth-watering flavors of chicken, seafood, and tuna. They contain real chicken, tuna, and shrimp for high-quality protein.

The 24 delectable wet cat treats of 0.5 ounces each are good for interactive and fun feeding moments. They can also help entice your cat if she’s a picky eater. Your cat can lick treats directly from the tube. 

The 530 kcal/kg Carolie content Hartz lickable cat treats are recommended for supplemental and intermittent feeding only. You can feed your cat the treats daily and balanced cat food.

5. Best for Hydration: Inaba Churu Variety Pack Cat Treat


The Inaba Churu lickable cat treat comes in a value pack of two package sizes; one pack of four tubes or five packs of four. Amazing, right?


The grain-free creamy puree is filled with real farm chicken or ocean tuna meat for protein and flavor. You can add the Inaba Churu lickable cat treat to meals to hydrate your cat for urinary health and overall well-being.


The Vitamin-E-filled treat comes in a pack of twenty tubes of 0.5-oz each. Your cat can lick the treat from the tube or enjoy it mixed with meals. It makes cat food extra tasty when mixed.


Treat your cat to the Inaba Churu cat treat, and she’ll be slurping with enjoyment.


6. Best for Urinary Tract: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat Treats


Are you worried that your kitty often suffers from the urinary tract and bladder problems? Are you aware you can treat the concerns using a healthy diet treat? Well, Royal Canin Veterinary Adult urinary cat treat is your perfect solution!


Royal Canin adult urinary cat treats are made of rice, corn gluten, wheat gluten, chicken fat, corn, powdered cellulose, chicken by-product meal, fish oil, salt, minerals, and vitamins.


Vets recommend urinary cat treats for cats with bladder and urinary tract problems. The treats promote urinary tract health by prohibiting the formation of calcium oxalate and struvite crystals.


Royal Canin urinary treats are a perfect reward for your cat that combines a dietary and therapeutic diet as it clears bladder and urinary problems for good. 

7. Best for Allergies: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Cat Treats

Blue Buffalo wilderness chicken crunchy cat treats are natural grain-free treats with a crunchy texture that your cat will love. The treats are made of deboned chicken added with minerals and vitamins.

The 3,800 kcal/kg calorie content treat is rich in protein which your cat will love.

The Made in The USA grain-free treats are made with real ingredients, no chicken or by-products.

The ingredients in the crunchy cat treat include; chicken meal, deboned chicken, peas, potato starch, rosemary oil, citric acid, and potassium chloride.

The best feature of Blue Buffalo’s grain-free cat treat is it’s free of grains, wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. It makes the treat perfect for cats with allergies.

8. Best for Cat Skin and Coat:  Hill’s Prescription Diet Crunchy Cat Treats

Are you looking for a treat that combines a prescription diet for your cat with food and skin sensitivities? Reward your kitty with Hills Prescription diet cat treat, and you’ll enjoy her healthy skin as you bond.


The, Made in the USA,  crunchy treat is made of hydrolyzed chicken liver protein which prevents food reaction, fatty acids, and omega-3 to help in cats’ coat and skin nourishment.

The treats have minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to help in skin barrier function.


The crunchy texture of Hill’s cat treat helps with dental hygiene. When your cat is chewing, the crunchy treats help prevent tartar and plaque from her teeth.


9. Best for Extra Chewy Cats: Tiny Tiger Tender  Sticks Cat Treats

Tiny Tiger’s cat treats are made of real chicken and salmon recipes. The pack of ten treats comes in a resealable pouch to preserve flavor and remain fresh.


The tender stick treats are made with no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-products, grains, artificial preservatives, or colors. They are made from the best ingredients.


The treats are soft-textured, tender meaty sticks for your chewy cats to devour. Each stick of meaty stick is a combo of chicken and salmon, a taste your cat will love. The combo is irresistible and mouth-watering.

10. Best for Weight Control: PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats

PureBites chicken breast freeze-dried raw cat treats are the USA sourced from human-grade chicken breast. Chicken breast is the only ingredient, so you’re sure what your cat is consuming in the treat.

The human-grade chicken breast is frozen to dry, preserving its texture, aroma, and freshness. The frozen, dried chicken breast removes water, retaining its nutrition. Because they’re free from any preservatives, they are perfect for cats who are diabetic, overweight, who are on a restricted diet with allergies or gastrointestinal problems.

The treats are rich in protein, each containing an average of two calories. They’re easily digestible; hence they’ll keep your kitty healthy while remaining amazingly whisker-licking.


Cat treats makeup between five to ten percent of your cat’s recommended daily calorie intake. Calorie intake depends on your cat’s breed, age, fitness level, and health conditions. 


Cat treats are given occasionally to supplement your cat’s daily meal. Make sure to give treats with equivalent calorific content you reduce from their main meal by choosing from vet-approved cat treats we’ve reviewed above.


All the best!

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