What Treats Should Cats Avoid?

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Chocolate is one of the few people foods that are toxic for cats. Dark chocolate which is more toxic than milk or white chocolate contains methylxanthines which cause diarrhea vomiting muscle tremors and abnormal heart rhythm. Chocolate that has been baked or is dark in color may also cause sickness in your cat. In addition chocolate that is too hot or too cold can damage your cat’s internal organs.

What treats are bad for cats?

Raw cat treats are dangerous because they contain heavy bacterial loads and can lead to intestinal infections. It’s better to buy freeze-dried treats which are largely free of additional ingredients. However some cat owners are willing to take the bacterial risks for their beloved feline companions. Read on to find out which types of treats are safe for your feline companion. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding which treat is right for your feline friend.

Most cat treats are high in protein so if you want your cat to gain weight you must limit its daily intake of treats. A healthy amount for a cat is about 5% of its total energy intake. However if your cat is a picky eater then you should avoid giving them too many treats. Overfeeding them will not only make them fat it will also lead to digestive problems. Additionally too many treats may interfere with their regular meals and lead to an unhealthy diet.

What type of treats are cats allowed to have?

While cats are able to tolerate a small amount of sugar a handful of sweet treats will not make your cat sick. If your cat enjoys begging it’s okay to give them some treats but you should always limit the amount of these treats. Besides cats may develop allergies to sweets and other ingredients that are not healthy for them. Also remember that the type of treats you give your cat should not be more than 10% of the total amount of calories your cat needs per day.

A common misconception is that cats cannot digest grains so they can eat bread. While bread and peanut butter are safe to give your cat in small amounts these foods are high in fats and contribute to weight gain and diabetes. Additionally raw eggs can contain dangerous bacteria and should not be fed to your cat. Instead give your cat cooked eggs instead. Also avoid giving your cat bread dough made with yeast since it contains xylitol. Alcoholic beverages can also cause brain damage in small animals.

Are cat biscuits bad for cats?

If you are considering feeding your cat commercially-produced food you may be wondering: are cat biscuits bad for your cat? While most pet food companies claim that their products are 100% natural there are several factors that make them unhealthy for your feline friend. Animal fat and by-product meal are two of the most common ingredients in commercial cat biscuits. These ingredients are harmful to your cat because they interfere with digestion and decrease the amount of protein it can absorb. Another factor that makes cat food unsafe are rendered products. Renderings are products that are not good for humans and can cause hypersensitivity reactions. Another ingredient that can make cat biscuits unhealthy is glucose which can lead to obesity and diabetes. Another ingredient that many pet food companies add to their products is dextrose which is a refined form of glucose and used as a browning agent.

As a rule of thumb cat biscuits should contain less than 35% of chicken although you might want to consider a brand that contains more than that. If you want to offer your feline friend a chicken-based biscuit make sure you read the label carefully and choose the one with more chicken. Also remember that carbohydrates are not good for your cat’s teeth. Cats cannot break down carbohydrates so they leave behind a starchy residue on the teeth. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on crunchy treats to clean their teeth.

What people foods should cats avoid?

Unlike dogs cats can’t tolerate many foods but some common ones are toxic to them. Chocolate is especially bad for them because it contains a substance called methylxanthines. This substance can cause vomiting diarrhea heart palpitations and increased body temperature. Cats also become sick if they eat baking chocolate or other sweets. Aside from chocolate other people foods include caffeine fatty fish and nuts.

Bread is a particularly bad choice for cats. The sticky texture of bread is not digestible for a cat and it also contains no nutritional value. Peanut butter is fine for cats but in moderation. But it is high in fats which can contribute to obesity and diabetes. Also it is a choking hazard. Also cats can develop a peanut allergy. So when in doubt avoid giving your cat any people food.

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